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The tragic and heart-warming tale of a skeleton and a floating mine. -Updates Fridays-


» New site, no more update, sadface

Well, last Friday marked the last update on this site. Partly because I had been planning to move anyway, and partly because the new comic is too big for smackjeeves to allow me to host it without paying them. So, Barrel of Salt is the new home of Pre-A. The place is still nowhere near ready, and I had planned to wait, but I decided that an update on a half built site is better than no update. Check back here or there on Monday for a new update. With a new site comes a new schedule.

Almost forgot the link:

» On lack of funny

You may have noticed a distinct lack of update this week. This is due to the fact that, rather than put up a sub par update that I disliked and wasn't good, I chose to merely have a week without update. Next week, I promise, watch this space and see an update.

» Banner Now Up!

Well, as you can see, I finally got round to making a banner. It's not great, and I might change it should an idea for a better one come my way. But at least it's a banner. Yay!

Update schedule unaffected by creation of banner.

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